Líithi Lushede

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Here they are the lovely Ladies of Lushede!!!!

and some extended family!

Priestess J

Also known as J and 

Gwenhwyfar Wyrrd

High Priestess and President of Liithi Lushede

Ripley Wyrrd

Initiaiate and Secretary of Liithi Lushede

Ripley Wyrrd first stepped onto the Wiccan Path on April 6th, 2003 where she began studies with the Ancient Echoes Group. Practiced as a solitary witch until she dedicated into Líithi Lushede Coven on Jan. 29th, 2011. Since 2011 she has been participating in the Lushede Public Rituals. Now Ripley is a First Degree Initiated Witch in the Líithi Lushede Coven currently working on her Second Degree. She has completed her studies as a Stone Healyst & Diviner and has completed her Second level of Reiki and First Level of Astrology.  She is a talented Artist and Craftswoman that is constantly inspired by her pagan path. Serving the Pagan Community as the Childrens Activities Coordinator for Kansas City Pagan Pride Day and the Workshop Coordinator for the Gaea Goddess Gathering. There are several other community services Ripley has dedicated her time to as well, such as the Heartland Pagan Festival, Wiccan Ways Festival, the Pagan Garage Sale, Camp Gaea, Holly Holly Holly Days, Eastern Edge Coffee Coven Witches Meetup, and various fundraisers for the Lushede Grove such as Spring Fling and the Bats in your Belfry fundraisers.

Willow  Wyrrd

Initiate and Treasurer of Liithi Lushede

Willow is currently part of the Liithi Lushede Coven and working toward her 2nd Degree.   She is an invaluable part of the public ritual team acting as raffle goddess and coordinating this aspect of our events.  . She is also actively  involved in the Pagan Community and wears many hats.  She is the Secretary & Charity co-chair for Pagan Pride Day and as Treasurer & Publications chair for Gaea Goddess Gathering.  .She also helps host the Eastern Edge coffee Coven for Witches Meetups.   If you want to make sure a job is done and done correctly you can count on her to make sure that it is.   

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