Líithi Lushede

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Líithi Lushede Coven

Líithi Lushede is an eclectic Wiccan Coven that carries on the Lushede tradition in the Kansas City metro area.   Spirituality is the prime purpose of our coven; we seek to enrich ourselves and those with whom we interact through education, fellowship and camaraderie. As a coven, we envision a better future by promoting our religion within the community at large, and by helping others to better accept and understand both the Wiccan path and the paths of other Pagans. We have been practicing together in this incarnation since December of 2011, however we carry on a tradition started many years prior to this.   Lushede covens have been hosting public rituals for all eight wiccan sabbats since 1997.  We are deeply involved in our local pagan community and support many of the local pagan events held in our area.  We are committed to empowering ourselves and others to practice whatever religion they choose freely and openly.  Many people have fought and died for this principle and we feel strongly that it should be practiced. 


Litha         June 21, 2015  5:00pm          Waterfall Park, Independence, MO
Lughnasadh Aug 2, 2015    5:00pm          Waterfall Park, Independence, MO
Mabon       Sept 27, 2015 5:00pm          Waterfall Park, Independence, MO
Samhein     Oct 31, 2015    TBD             Aquarius 3936 Broadway, KCMO
YULE        Dec 20, 2015  5:00pm          Aquarius 3936 Broadway, KCMO
Imbolg       Jan 31, 2016    2:00pm           TBD
Ostara      March 20     2:00pm           TBD
Beltane     May 2, 2016    5:00pm          TBD


The Lord of the Land joins to the Maiden of Spring; all of the world joins in the dance of love and quickening. Desire weds with delight, and all of nature finds renewal. In the Beltane Fires all dark things perish, for the darkness cannot hide from the cleansing Light. This is the time of the setting of the fruit, which shall grow and ripen until the Autumn. Now begins the time of increasing and burgeoning growth, which will see its fulfillment as the Lady turns her silver wheel. Of all the festivals of the year, Beltane is the most joy-filled. With the last touch of hard winter gone, and all of the promise of spring ahead, with the first labor of sowing completed, lambs in the fold, calves in the field, and young foals frisking at the heels of their mothers, there is time to take a joyful breath and celebrate before the labors of summer begin. Now is the time for music and dance, for flirtations and dalliances in the warm spring night, and-who knows?-perhaps for the breathless touch of Love.

 (excerpt from Mercedes Lackey-from "A Celtic Book of Days")